Facts You Must Know About Mezzanine Floor Construction

Mezzanine floors are a great option to increase the available space in your home or inside an office building, without going through costly and time-consuming construction. As far as space utilization is concerned, these mezzanine floors can be used in retail stores, offices, domestic and industrial units and also in godowns and showrooms. The entire process of construction is not quite expensive as they are very light-weight floors, and they are the perfect flooring option to create a shield against fire hazards.

Mezzanine floor construction does not have to be an arduous task though. Here is a quick start-up guide on getting your mezzanine floor construction right.

Design well and pay attention to safety

mezzanine floor construction

  • Everything begins with good design. When constructing a mezzanine floor, take account of the available space that you have, and the structure of the building where the floor is to be designed.
  • The ceilings of the floor below should be high enough to accommodate a mezzanine floor. Based on those parameters, come up with a design that best utilizes the available space.
  • In addition to designing it well, it is important that you pay requisite attention to safety. You wouldn’t want your employees or your family to get hurt.
  • For example, protective handrails are often necessary in mezzanine floors to prevent people from falling off the edge of the floor. Ancillaries such as handrails and staircases also serve an aesthetic value, helping a business make a good first impression. This is especially true of B2C businesses.

Get the flooring right

There are plenty of options available when it comes to flooring of your mezzanine level. Welded gratings and particle board are the two most popular options, with durbar plate a close third. Of course, if you are going for mezzanine floor construction at home, you would want something much more aesthetically appealing like tiles, or marble.

mezzanine floor construction

Get the necessary permissions and regulations

In most cities, you don’t need separate building permissions for mezzanine floor construction. However, you still need to meet building regulations. Staircases form an integral part of mezzanine floor building regulation. Mezzanine floor staircases need to be of specific tread, steps, and material. Get in touch with the concerned authorities to make sure you get the right staircase installed.

Fire safety is another important regulation that needs to be met. The goal of fire safety is to slow down the spread of fire, and to maintain integrity of the structure, so as to allow enough time for people to reach a safe place. Certain features that can ensure fire safety in mezzanine floors include:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Fire walls
  • Sprinkler system
  • Column casings
  • Bulkheads
  • Suspended ceilings

Avoid going much high


If you have plenty of available space, you might be tempted to go higher with your mezzanine floor construction. However, that is generally not advised. Ideally, a mezzanine floor should not be higher than 3 meters, as that ensures structural integrity.

Figure out ventilation and heating issues

As the temperature rises, mezzanine floors can become unusually hot. In order to avoid that, installing insulators is a good bet to ensure that the floor does not absorb too much heat. Having proper ventilation in place also helps in this regard.

Go for light furniture

The furniture that you have in your mezzanine floor is responsible for the floor’s longevity and performance. However, it is always advised to go for light furniture for your mezzanine to avoid making the floor too heavy.

Choose the right lights

Depending on the purpose of your mezzanine floor, you may or may not be on it all the time. Thus, it is convenient to get wiring done in a way such that you can control the lighting of the mezzanine floor from the floor above or below it.

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