Gel Seat Cushions – Get Relief & Support For Your Lower Back

If you are in a profession that needs you to be seated for long periods, comfort and lumbar health takes priority. Most orthopaedic doctors and health professionals recommend the use of gel seat cushions for such seating. In fact, the need for developing such gel seat cushions was mainly fuelled by the need for healthy and comfortable seating in offices as well as cars (especially when driving long distances). These cushions ensure complete spinal health and proper blood circulation for extended periods. All the best gel seat cushions comes in wider designs and are suitable to all body types and ensure protection from any kind of direct pressure.

Let us look at the advantages that gel seat cushions come with:

gel seat cushions

  1. Portability: Gel seat cushions are light and small in size and their compactness make them very portable. You can take them anywhere, be it to your office, to use it on a flight, long drives in your car, camping comfort, use in picnics or even to your favourite cricket matches where you may spend the whole day in relative comfort.
  2. Size: Being flexible, the best gel seat cushions can fit into your car seat, your office chair, the stadium seats or wherever you want to use them. Getting flexibility, comfort and better health are the main advantages of using a gel seat cushion.
  3. Customised gel seat cushions: You can also get gel seat cushions specially designed for your office chair or for your car seat depending on where you spend most of your time. These customized cushions can go a long way in eliminating lower back pain by extending support to the lower back. The cushion adjusts to the contour of the lower back and gives continuous support eliminating strain and giving more comfort. The comfort adds to your efficiency at work owing to the relaxation it provides.gel seat cushions for wheelchairs
  4. Maintenance: The best gel seat cushion from a reputed manufacturer like Equagel, comes in a thick size and will last for a very long time. In case it gets dirty, one can clean it with a damp cloth. Spot cleaning is the best way to maintain your comfort cushion.
  5. Health benefits: The best gel seat cushions have been proven to be beneficial to lumbar health, at the same time providing more comfort and relaxation. They effectively improve the posture and distribute pressure equally in all directions. Some of the conditions that a gel seat cushion can offset are haemorrhoids, back pain, hip issues, numb or stiff legs, varicose veins and arthritis. These conditions are normally the result of sitting for long periods of time and can be easily offset by use of a gel seat cushion
  6. How it helps: A gel seat cushion distributes the weight of the human body evenly while sitting and thus reduces strain on weight points that may form when sitting without one. Therefore, the pressure of body weight is distributed and this helps in achieving better comfort and relaxation. There are some more advanced cushions which also have a special contouring for giving support to the pelvic areas.

wheelchair pressure relief cushions

Having your own gel cushion is the best option, even if you are not in a sitting job. Driving, camping, picnics and ball games are normal part of life and using the gel seat cushion can greatly augment your comfort levels and protect your back.

Getting the best gel seat cushion is no rocket science. Though many are available across the internet, you can actually try one at the local dealers to check the size and comfort levels before you get one for yourself. For more information about best Gel Seat Cushion, here is our website please check and get the finest gel seat cushion before you start experiencing back problems.

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