Cemetery Monuments – A Great Tribute To Your Loved One

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult that we face in our lives. When this unfortunate incidence happens, we would always want to cherish their memories in the most beautiful way for as long as possible, for which we need to look for monuments that are befitting to the love and respect that we feel for the deceased. This is definitely one of the most difficult tasks that we might have to face in our lifetime, but it is a task that demands our solid efforts and other detailed information before you make your choice. You need to be aware of few important facts before you decide on cemetery monuments Melbourne. We might not think about the cost involved at this stage but it surely does play an important role, you need to be informed about the regulations of the cemetery before you go about deciding on a certain monument.

Think about the size

monuments keilor

Before you decide on the size of the cemetery monuments Melbourne you also need to be sure that the cemetery allows the size of monuments you have in mind.  You will find that every section of the cemetery caters to specific sizes as the cemetery keeps in mind that the stones in a specific section should be similar in size to the surrounding stones. The size of the monument given by the cemetery is usually the size of the base. You might think about different heights, but this should be in proportion to the base.

Different shapes for monuments

cemetery monuments melbourne

Normally, you find that the monuments are produced in sheds of stone close to the quarries from which the stone is being harvested, and these are mass produced. You will find a number of shapes, sizes and also designs that could be customized in accordance to your choice. A simple form is the flat marker, which is a one piece marker which is around four to ten inches thick. Generally, these are one foot long and two feet wide. The ‘die’ portion of the memorial has different shapes, like the Straight Top, Oval Top or the Serpentine top.

Decide on the finish

You get a choice to opt for different finishes like the ‘polished’ or the ‘unpolished’ one. You will find that the polished finishes are generally produced by buffing and rubbing the granite till the natural polish is seen. Unpolished or steeled finishes are produced by gently sandblasting the surface. You can also opt for custom finishes as per your requirements.

Sure about the right monument makers

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You need to ensure that you choose a right monument maker that will cater your requirements to the maximum. Experience, surely makes a huge difference because you can decide from the various options offered, like the color, size, finish and also check if you need specific engraving to be done on the monument. You need to be sure they are particular about the materials used so that the monument is durable and everlasting. Cemetery monuments Melbourne can work well if you find a monument maker who is magnanimous to cater to all religions without any restrictions. This speaks of integrity and compassion. You will find a monument maker who is interested in their job, being able to sit down with you and give you the required time discussing the specifics of the monument so that you can get a monument which can reflect the departed in an apt manner.

monuments keilor

The tiniest detail looked into

An apt tribute to the departed will be getting a monument which can speak volumes of the personality without anything spoken. You can make your choice from the different colors, sizes, finishes, carving, etching and also lettering. Make that wee bit of effort and get the right monument maker who can understand your feeling for the departed.

So please contact us now to discuss how you would like to express joy with Cemetery Monuments Melbourne and sheltered the life of your loved one.

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