7 Revolutionary Ideas For your Custom Kitchens

Is your kitchen the most important part of your house? Think, do your kids come into the kitchen for a snack always? Do you come back from office and dump everything in your kitchen before brewing your cuppa? Try and figure out the importance of kitchen at your home before you think about shedding out a large amount for custom kitchens Melbourne.

If you feel that the kitchen is probably the most jostled about place in your house and most social activities take place here, then don’t you think you must have a custom kitchen to suit your tastes and needs? In this article, we will discuss a few methods to create your best custom kitchen.

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The kitchen basics must be ensured at the initial level of planning:

  • Cabinets: Kitchen cabinets are probably the only kitchen accessories that are available in thousands of shapes, colors, and materials. Once you visualize your kitchen, with colors and needs, you will have to choose the right cabinets that will match with them. The form has to go with the function and ensure that you have enough storage space before planning and choosing one.
  • Table: Whom does your kitchen table cater to mostly? And, how many people would use it together at any given point of time (ex: for Thanksgiving)? Once you iron the answers, the design of the table and size will become apparent. Choose wisely to go with the ambience.
  • Island: Before you opt for custom kitchens Melbourne, remember that the island is the centerpiece of your kitchen and probably it is the first thing that attracts attention. Choose the placement of the island wisely keeping in mind the entry and exit to your kitchen area. While choosing the placement area, do remember the efficiency of your movement between it and the gas burners. Also, remember, the electric connections required for the island. They should be placed in the most secure areas possible that see no spillage.

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  • Sink: Opt for a large sink than needed, as you never know when you may feel lazy and leave the dishes for later. Choosing a double sink, if you have enough space will make it more efficient since washing and cleaning can be done simultaneously i.e. if you can get your husband up to the task.
  • Lighting: Lighting has gone through revolutionary changes over the last few years. Modernistic, indirect lighting serves the purpose since it sets the mood for all occasions. However, having some direct lighting above the table will also help to create the right mood for those parties and get-togethers.
  • Floor: Although, this is the most ignored part of the kitchen in most homes, consider doing this up with tough but design-able material, so that it lends character and stands out in your kitchen.
  • Equipment: Kitchen equipment like the refrigerator, food process, microwave oven or the juicers should be tucked away neatly into elegant spaces surrounded by cabinets. Of course, you will need to configure your colors accordingly.

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Although, kitchens are considered to be “cooking areas” in most communities, coming to think of it, most foot fall is in this area at any home. Be it family members, friends, relatives or revelers, most crowds gather in the kitchen, although the average time spent by anyone is lesser compared to you.

While deciding on any of the custom kitchens Melbourne, remember that your kitchen should have the neat and crispy look and should reflect your taste as in your cooking. Before embarking and customizing your kitchen, make the perfect plan on paper, change it as much as you want and freeze on the final design. Obviously, you may not do it up for the next five years, if not longer. Our specialist team will turn your custom kitchen design dreams into a reality. Feel free to join us today!

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