Be familiar with usage of Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushions

If you are on a wheelchair, it is evident that you are immobile due to a health condition. Now, since you spend most of your time on the wheelchair or in the bed, you will be prone to bed sores or bad pressure points on your back side due to continuous weight being put on the points. The pressure relief wheelchair cushions provide a complete relief from spinal or head injuries and hey also prevent bed sores or skin rashes for medium, small and large-scale emergencies. Whether you have opted for a pediatric cushion for your child, or if you have undergone a massive bariatric surgery, these cushions prove to be the best shock-absorbent pillows of comfort which keeps you to rest.

The gel that does the wonder

pressure relief wheelchair cushions

Pressure relief wheelchair cushions are gel-filled and they help you to keep your posture straight as well as help distribute your weight evenly while using the wheelchair. This helps to relieve the weight at pressure points on your back and also helps you to relax. They are free from any allergen and bacterial invasion, so they are the most appropriate items for retaining your health.

Let us look the reasons as to why one should use pressure relief wheelchair cushions.

gel seat cushions for wheelchairs

  1. Comfort : Since you are stuck to a wheelchair, you might as well make it more comfortable. These wheelchair cushions offer the best comfort possible due to an added softness and equal distribution of weight.
  2. Health : Sitting continuously can cause lumbar problems and it might also result into lower back pain, arthritis, numbness in legs and soreness on the back side. These problems can result in long term health issues and thus using a wheelchair cushion is highly recommended.
  3. Vibration and shear : Pressure relief wheelchair cushions reduce the vibration and shear that comes from traveling in a wheelchair. It helps reduce the high pressure areas and makes the ride comfortable and healthy. There are companies which design special honeycomb layers which protect the gel and reduce any concussion or sudden vibration on the back and spinal cord.
  4. Skin Issues : On a wheelchair, a patient is bound to experience thin skin and bony prominences due to lack of activity. Using a wheel chair cushion will take these issues out of the scene and will provide immersion to such issues. Patients with fragile skin integrity suffer the most and a wheelchair cushion offers the best possible comfort in such cases.
  5. Spinal health : Since the patient would be seated the entire waking time, using a wheelchair cushion will ensure that the lower back gets good support and comfort. This is very important since this immobility could cause the lower back to develop pain or other lumbar disturbances.
  6. Stability : Pressure relief wheelchair cushions are normally low profile thus offering maximum stability on a wheel chair ride, whether pushed or foot-propelled. It comes with contour designs and in required sizes. Most wheelchair cushion manufacturers offer custom sized cushions as required in addition to the standard sizes available.

wheelchair gel seat cushion

Choosing a pressure relief wheelchair cushion is quite easy. There are many manufacturers selling the same on the internet and they offer solutions for most anticipated problems. Most of the wheelchair cushions come with covers and have a very low maintenance factor. These cushions are designed in such a manner that they become quite affordable and easy to use and clean.

Pressure relief wheelchair cushions are very useful and these are also recommended by orthopedics. If you are an owner of one of these cushions, you won’t need to throw it away once you are fit and walking on your feet. In fact, once you are mobile, you can use the wheelchair cushion on your office chair or in your car to maintain a good health. Please visit us today for knowing more details on Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushions.

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