All you need to know about Security Doors by Protected Access

Security Doors are primarily used to protect establishments or buildings from theft, burglary and vandalism. However, these doors have more facets to them. If you are planning to install security Doors system, you should have a good knowledge about these doors.

What Are Security Doors?

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Roller shutters consist of a metal frame that can be rolled up vertically. The curtain-like frames are usually rolled up and stored on area above the doorway. These frames can be pulled down when required. Their functionality is the same as other doors but you also get some additional features with them.

How Do These Doors Work?

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There are many kinds of these doors available. These doors can be operated either manually or electrically. In some cases, both of these operating mechanisms are available.

  • In manual versions of these doors, you will have to pull up the metal curtain with your own strength and ensure that it gets rolled up. Of course, this method is not possible with heavy doors. A pulley system can be incorporated into the system in order to help ease the process.
  • Electrical versions have a motor attached to them. With a press of a button the door can roll down or up as per your needs. This is perfect for doors whose metal frames are too heavy to be operated by a single person. The switch can be either present near the door or on a handheld remote.

The Advantages Offered By These Doors

A security Doors is a good mechanism that can be implemented for a variety of reasons.

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  • The metal curtain of security Doors is going to be stored on the top of the door. You do not need any extra space to allow the doors to open because the movement is vertical. This allows you to enjoy more storage space.
  • Security Doors can be custom made to any specification that you desire. You can create one for your garage door or for your commercial establishment.
  • Security Doors type of doors is very sturdy. They can withstand a lot of beating. They can be secured at the sides and bottom in order to make them weatherproof. Even serious weather conditions cannot affect the doors.

The strength of the doors makes it very difficult for thieves or burglars to overcome. These doors can be reinforced with stronger materials in order to improve their resistance to these unlawful activities.

  • Adding a metal security Doors can make the insurance agency charge lesser for their premiums. Getting the insurance cover in the first place could also become easy.

The Different Types of  These Doors

There are different variations available for these security Doors kind of doors.

  • Instead of a solid metal frame, it is also possible to get a mesh system.
  • For built-on systems the roller box is attached outside the facade of the building.
  • There are other systems where the box is built into the lintel that lies above the door.
  • Integrated roller shutters are available where you can get a window incorporated into the system.
  • Certain security Doors types of doors can be attached to the fire alarm systems of the building. Whenever the alarm is raised, the doors will operate automatically. These systems can be either manual or electric.

Selecting the Best Security Doors System for Your Doors

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The selection of a security Doors system is going to be dependent on quite a few factors.

  • The Budget
  • The Material of the shutters
  • The dimensions of the door
  • The operational method such as electric, manual or combined.

Although expensive, security Doors type of doors is surely a good deal when we consider the potential benefits. By installing an advanced tools that provides you ages of fulfilment and a protected home. Please feel free to join us to know better safety for your house.

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