Carry Significant Drive for Your Animals by Safe Animal Transport

Transporting an animal can be one of the biggest worries for everyone who owns one, as the very idea of having an animal means you are totally in love with him/her. There is definitely special care required when you plan to transport your loved one from one place to another. Transporting an animal is like arranging transport for a family member and keeping this in mind we have several transport companies catering to this with the extra care and caution which is required. Few tips before you take big step of transporting your animal can ensure the comfort levels of your animal.

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  1. Make sure your animal gets used to the kennel before the actual travel. This keeps them feeling secure on the d-day. If you can give around 5 days for this, it works fine.
  1. Make sure that your animal has a small meal before the travel, that is, at least twelve hours before the flight, will ensure he/she does not suffer from airsickness, or seasickness whatever the mode of transport may be.
  1. Nothing should be given to drink at least 4 hours before departure.

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  1. Make sure your animal goes to the toilet before travel makes the whole journey comfortable.
  1. Make sure that there are no chew able toys in the kennel as this can be dangerous.
  1. Extra safety of your animal , make sure the leash is not in the kennel, it is preferable if you could carry it with the rest of the luggage.
  1. Do not try sedating your animal without the permission of your vet.
  1. It is compulsory to get the vaccinations and other treatments done before travel.

animal transport

A Transport Company that cares

It is easy to find many companies who can transport your animal to the destination of your choice, but finding one which cares, makes all the difference. A company whose staff are animal lovers and probably, have animals of their own will make a great difference to the way they handle your animal. A company, who can understand your anguish in being separated from the animal, takes down the minutest details of the behavior of your animal, and they are also able to handle him/her with much more compassion and understanding.


There are companies who have their own vets who can be of a great help. Keeping all the documents ready, they can give your animal that last minute check to confirm everything is in place. This keeps you away from many problems related to transporting your animal.


Going through the check list given below can ensure a happy and safe transportation of your animal.

  1. Make sure that the crate is airline approved so that you do not need to face any problems regarding this at the last minute. If you are not too sure you can get the clarification from your Animal Relocation Specialist.
  1. Make sure you are carrying the veterinary and vaccination records with when you are boarding. Packing them leads to delays.
  1. You need to be sure at what age can your animal travel. This can be confirmed with your Animal Relocation Consultant. There are rules that do not allow animals of less than eight weeks to travel.

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  1. You need to make sure that your animal is not more than 42 days pregnant.
  1. Clarify where the transportation company needs to hand over the animal to you, if not in your home.
  1. Finally, reconfirm the booking and keep the contact details handy along with the reference number.

A good company can free you of all your tensions of the transportation of your animal and they can also make sure that your animal is delivered to you in a safe and sound and, of course, happy manner.

If you wish to have an actual reliable Animal Transport facilities for an individual in Melbourne. Please join us today for the preeminent Animal Transportation Services.

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