Choose an Aluminum Box with this Sufficient Tips

Choosing an aluminum tool box for utility vehicle might not be an easy job, but it will become easy when you keep few factors in mind. You need to research a little in order to find which one suits your requirement to the full. Getting a little information on the aluminum box will go a long way in your choice. You got a choice of choosing one which is new, or if wanting to spend a little less you can opt for a used one.

The Best Boxes for utility vehicle


The perfect choice for this aluminum box would be opting for the tool boxes that can fit behind the cab and can be attached with the help of j-bolts to the bed rails. You need to be careful if you are using them for beds that are newly painted. You have to be sure of using rubber tapes under the sides. These are available in various models. One being the gull wing model having opposite lids and can be opened from both sides, and the other being the single lid model. The ‘low profile lids’ seemed to have gained popularity over the years. These fix more into the bed with lids opening only 2inches above, and this does not create any complication to the vision when you are backing up. The only set back being that these ‘low profile lids’ are available only in single lid models.

An Aluminum with coat

For most tool boxes for utility vehicle, the Aluminum Plate with a black powder coat is most commonly used because this works our more durable. Choosing one with a clear powder coat might be a little on the expensive side, and the choice depends upon how much you are willing to spend on them. The weather guard metal boxes that are painted white or black also tend to be bit expensive. While choosing an Aluminum box one for your utility vehicle you need to look out for reliability and durability.

The Chest Type Boxes

These can give a clean look and can be fixed on the floor behind the cab. These are also available with the bed rail. You need to find the one that can fit between the wheels, or else you will need to modify them. These boxes come with aluminum plate and are single lid. You can choose the finish in accordance to the theme of your utility vehicle (Ute). Here, you got an option of a bright finish or a black finish.

Pork Chop Boxes

These are also known as fender well tool box and are used when you have to  store less and need to get more use of your truck bed. The aluminum box is mostly used for this purpose.  The undercover of this box makes accessing easy due to the “Swing Case”. The installation of this is easier as compared to the rest.

Different Designs and Sizes

aluminium tool boxes

There are wide number of designs to choose from because there are many companies who provide these products. So you just need to find the Aluminum box which suits your utility vehicle and then purchase it. If you seem to having a problem getting the size you require you can get it customized. The companies dealing in these aluminum boxes do offer you the choice of customizing the boxes.

Choosing on the Basis of Reputation and Services

Since there are a number of companies dealing in this, you need to hunt for the one with a good reputation as this can assure you of good services besides the quality of the material used. You need to make sure that the product can provide the safety and security you are looking for. The box needs to be sturdy and durable.

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