Get Wide Range on Choosing the Best Steel Suppliers

Steel is a commonly used metal. It is an alloy of iron along with carbon and other elements like manganese, nickel etc. The compositions of these elements give hardness, tensile strength and ductility to the steel. Steel has been produced from a long time now. The use of this metal is quite enormous and so its production and supply holds great importance.

Steel- production and types

Iron is obtained from its ore. Hence, it contains more carbon. In order to produce steel, its carbon content must be reduced to the right amount. The carbon content of steel must be between 0.002% and 2.1%. If the carbon content is too much then the steel becomes too brittle and if it is much less then steel becomes weak.

Depending upon the amount of carbon present, steel can be of type:

  • High carbon steel- the carbon content in such type of steel is between 0.45% and 1.5%.
  • Medium carbon steel- such type of steel contains 0.25% to 0.45% of carbon.
  • Mild carbon steel- the amount of carbon here is less than 0.25%.

Elements like chromium, nickel, tungsten, manganese etc. are added to form the alloy steels like stainless steel.

Difference between Steel Manufacturer and Supplier

A manufacturer creates or produces steel from iron and alloying elements whereas the steel supplier supplies this created metal.  Suppliers provide the product by purchasing from the producer. Manufacturers on the other hand get raw materials required to produce steel and create it in their factory.

Suppliers supply their goods to customers and so they form a medium between customers and manufactures. They only supply in return of an amount and so they are not concerned about the kind and quality of steel.

Manufacturers produce the steel and hence they are only concerned about producing the kind and quality of goods. They are not involved in supplying but only creating so they are producers and not vendors.

Steel Suppliers

Kinds of Steel Suppliers

Depending on the use of steel, its supplier can also be categorized.

  • Use of steel in construction sector has seen a vast increase. The reason behind the massive use of this metal is its flexibility and durability. It is also cost effective. The steel used here are structural steels. To build large multistoried buildings, railway tracks and bridges, we require huge amount of steel. And construction companies get this amount form the suppliers. The suppliers under this category provide long steel in form of bars or steel sheets.
  • Many buildings have steel roofs. There are separate suppliers under this kind based on the kind of roofing sheets that they supply. There are stainless steel roofing sheets, color coated sheets, colored corrugated and tiled corrugated steel roofing sheets.
  • Suppliers of flat carbon steel provide these to automobiles, ship and railway building companies to build their body and insides and also to build major appliances.
  • Stainless steel suppliers deliver steel to authorities who produce the following items.
  1. Utensils
  2. Watches
  3. Surgical instruments
  4. Guns

Importance of Steel Suppliers

The steel suppliers play a major role in every sector.

  • The demand of steel is massive and it is increasing every day. The construction of buildings, roads and railways require a huge amount of steel. Tools, machineries, automobiles and appliances are all made up of steel. Hence, the job of a supplier is huge because he has to meet with the demand for this metal.
  • The producers are mainly concerned about the production of quality steel so the responsibility of delivering is on supplier.
  • They are the medium between the customer and producer hence the work of supplier is to effectively take the product from producer to the respective authority.

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